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    July 04, 2010

    Sept. --Nov. 1993

    3 cassettes

    1. Shine

    2. Green

    3. Confused

    4. Home

    5. Burn

    6. True

    7. Lies Never Did Me Well*

    8. Crying Dog*

    *later added

    One year into starting to consistently write and record I had put together what I would consider my first album. It was called "Green" from the title track about my feelings when I am in the ocean. I was proud of this but knew it was not recorded for anything bigger than my family's ears. Still to this day I am always so proud to play a new song for the people who love me and for those that I have love for.

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  • 1998
    50 handmade compact discs - out of print

    1. My Nubby Sweater
    2. An Angel Screams From Outer Space
    3. Milked
    4. Live Happy, Live With Anorexia

    The cover art was a photo that I took of my younger sister in the hallway of the house that I grew up in. It was the house where Stage rehearsed. It was a time that I was very much into photography and did not go anywhere without my camera. The colors of this photo found their way into a lot of things I have done including the boxes on my last web site.

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    June 11, 2010

    100 numbered handmade copies

    1. We Might Fall
    2. So Ordinary
    3. Perfect

    I started recording right as Stage ended. The plan was to sit at the piano and get back the excitement of making music. I got so excited that 2 months later I had 20 songs ready to go. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with the music. I didn't want too much time to go by before anyone heard anything, so I burned 100 copies of the first three songs.

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