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About Me: 
Well, I am really crazy because I did't think twice to inscribe here I just do it! Another thing is that I practice fencing when I was 10 years old, I like drawing, doing puzzle and reading books.
Favorite Bands: 
Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Killers, Aerosmith and (sometimes Paramore)
Sammy/ Sam/ Sonrics
I love fencing, is my favorite sport!! (but now I am tired to practice fencing) I like to practice other sports. I think I am athletic girl, well I have 14 years old I have a lot of energy!! hehe :D. I am learning to speak french, I am good in maths (it's not my favorite subject but it's so easy to me) , I like to read books (my favorite authors are Oscar Wilde, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Roald Dalh, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin and Sean Covey)
Favorite Songs: 
All songs of Ryan Star are awesome!! but I like Dream On-Aerosmith, Reptilia-The Strokes, When you were young- The Killers, Bring me to life- evanescence, Have a nice day and It's my life- Bon jovi, Gives you hell , Hey soul Sister- Train, Sex on fire by Kings of Leon!! ,Yesterday and Here comes the Sun- Beatles and Smells like teen spirit and Drain you- Nirvana!!! Well I hope that I didn't forget others,but this song's I usually I hear a lot! Oh yeah I completly forgot! I like too "losing my religion" by REM and the version of Ryan Star it was awesome!
Favorite Movies: 
Seven Pounds, Toy Story 3 , Hereafter," August Rush"( I like the actor Robin Williams), Adam Sandler all his movies and Jenifer Aniston all her movies


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I can't believe it!!! I'am 15 years old now!! :O when I became your I was 14 and 15 :O!! I need to go to see a concert of ryan star!!

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Well, Ryan if you someday you read this I am girl who is 14 years old and like your music very much really!! One day I'll became your fan #1 and I hope met you one day!