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Ryan Star
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hey ryan i got a request for you. I posted a message on your youtube account rstar and in hopes you would read that. but if you read this first well i got a song request for you. After hearing the song "last Train Home" by you it reminds me of my girlfriend and I we have been together 10 months now and she may be having my kid and i plan on engaging here on Christmas this year on our 1 year aniversary in our relationship. Her father keeps her away from me and im a nice guy like right now im about to Earn my eagle scout badge in Boyscouts. Its a very good thing to earn and shows maturity in a young adult like me. Your lyrics almost match me and alex personally and perfectly but i wanted to see if you could right a song like that but with our names or just say like he and her or something our names are "paul and alexandra" ive been a fan since i seen you on tv years ago. Im 16 and i rlly want a song saying basicly i love you alexandra and if you stay dedicated to me with our seperation until we are old enough i will marry you and have a very nice family. I plan on doing my best with her i really do like as of now im taking two years of pre college Electronic Tech classes learning how to program Robots for the future of our society. I should make good money for our family but i want you to make a song if you would. Not just asking because i want one but i want it so i can show here i tried so much for her and gave everything for here just for her to stay with me. I want to present the song to Alex by christmas if you decide to do it or not but i just want to say to her i had the greatest singer write me and you a song. Thats really all. Sorry for any grammer mistakes im still 16. Your songs Motivate me to help people every day. My dads 71 and just had heart surgery so he could live long enough to see me graduate and i want to have a song out their for me and my future family to reflect on one day. I love your music Ryan so much. Please respond if you can.