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Paul Pease


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Paul Pease
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Im a adult in a kids body ive tried my whole life to be a dedicated family member in my environment. I do my best daily to help whom i see needs to be helped. I tell the truth almost all the time. I like to joke. My father is 71 years old and just got done with a quad by pass heart surgery and if he did not have that surgery he would have died. Since he did that he may live long enough to see me graduate. My mother on the other hand works day in and out as a janitor trying to make enough money to get by for the next day. I have to live everyday knowing it could be the last day with my father. He deserves me around to respect him just like he respects me and all others by serving his country for 22 years. Yes im a 16 year old boy but i got the balls of a 40 year old. If i see anyone disrespect a soldier in uniform or their family it pulls me out of the box. and i get red hot. I live each day hoping to be better and i hope Ryan and all other fans appreciate me being here.
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United States
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Last train home
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