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February 03, 2012
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JessicaSchaferLynch's picture

Love your music! Thanks for coming to Utah to share it with us! When are you coming back?

Champ's picture

Very Awesome...
Whenever I listen, I feel good, very nice..
You voice is very nice..
May GOD BLESS YOU and Your GirlFriend.. :)
God Makes all Ur wishes comes True.. :) :)
I hope I could meet u one day..
You're My favorite Singer.. :) :)
Take Care..

trish_2's picture

this is a awesome cd. if u want 2 really hear ryan get the eyes of a elephant cd, that one is really good also. great job ryan keep the great songs comin. trish

firefly's picture

I discovered Ryan on Lie to Me. That little excerpt from Brand New Day was exhilarating, and I Googled Ryan and learned about his style and his CD, 11:59. I was eager to share Ryan with my daughters, because he has that gritty, alternative sound, but amazingly with positive messages! It is so unusual to find that combination in an artist. I love hearing all three of my daughters singing his songs throughout the day, (homeschoolers) throughout the house...from my 7 year old, to my 15 year old, to my 20 year old, who still lives at home because I insist we listen to awesome music!

Samantha's picture

WHY?!?!?!? in MEXICO theres nothing of ryan star??!?!!?? please come here I really think that you will became famous here tooo

Vickylingui's picture

All the song lyrics are soooo good, here in Uruguay we don't have your CDs, I hope I could buy it on the net.
Right Now it's actually my favourite song. :D

Danahv's picture

Wonderful :) - Can't wait for you to come back to Clearwater, FL - I know you like to look for healthy foods when traveling - found a great place in Palm Harbor, the next time you are here in the Tampa Bay Area "Rawk Star Cafe" (Raw Vegan) and really tasty :)

Lya's heart's picture

I also like very much your music. A so beautiful voice, a very coherent melodies and intense lyrics. I just come to discover your universe, but it's funny as sometimes, the new things can so well correspond to us... keep going on and come in France, I am sure that a lot of people would appreciate...
With all my respect :)

Lili-One's picture

Love your music, love your lyrics. Go on this way. You should come in France someday, there are some good stages and good TV Shows. Good vibes for what's next !

Rmc123's picture

I am so happy that all the great artists are coming out just when i have nothing to do...but then again i would still listen.I am completely jealous of your piano playing ability. And also just so yah know Ireland is a great little place that most artists seem to miss out on...just thought I'd put that out there :) Keep kickin-ass Ryan.

Alexandria's picture

Been looking for this album since, Christmas. Love the songs. Been to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. They don't carry it or they are out of it. What a nightmare.

Dena's picture

A friend who is writing a story for me told me to listen to the song, Losing Your Memory, while I read his story. Wow. I am one of your newest fans. When are you coming to Northern California? Tahoe is a great place for a concert!

céline's picture

we feel your incredible energy through yours songs , it's a great album and i'm listening losing your memory 30 times by day at least ... France doesn't know you very well and i hope it's going to change, happy to see you soon in Bordeaux for example...change anything ! you are amazing, take care of you

Kysya-kyn's picture

The album is clearly a success! I listen with pleasure. More often saves you from depression. ?:

Renee's picture

There's not a song on here I don't like-that's saying a lot! You are amazingly talented. I heard Start A Fire on my way home and looked you up. Love that song! I wish I could make a trip to NY to see you but since that probably won't happen, maybe you can come to Indiana instead!

iara's picture

I really like your songs and love the intensity and strength of your voice, You are amazing !!!. Love, Iara from Uruguay (South America)

christianbono's picture

when is somebody's son comming out?

great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bourne2ride666's picture

Saw you in Chicago for the second time..... I love your music so much. I'm glad you sang Brand New Day (my second fave of yours), Right Now is my fave.

smiles's picture

I saw you at the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon yesterday. I loved your music so much that I came home, found your website, and bought your album before I even showered or ate or did anything else. Amazing voice! Thanks for bringing your music to Texas!

Brian Hynes's picture

Just simply amazing stuff......We need more of this kind of tallent in the music industry. Keep up the great music and hope to see you in Canada in the near future.

Denise K's picture

You are truly amazing, I'm so glad I found this website!

Alethea99's picture

I have LOVED Last Train Home since the first time I ever heard it. All of the songs on here will immediatly hit my shuffle and won't come off again. These songs just talk straight to the heart and makes you wish you were singing them directly at me. The emotion that is shared is just wonderful. I have followed you since Rock Star and I know that you are something special. Keep it up. Would Love to hear you in person.

forensicgrl1's picture

I also watched you on Rockstar Supernova. ANd yes the Dark horse showed SUpernova. I remember when you sang Losing my religion and Clocks by Coldplay and I was blown away!!!!!! I knew that you would be a huge star someday! You are amazing and I wish you all the best in the world. You are so talented!!!!!!!!!! Much love and respect.........

bjletourneau's picture

I fell in love with you and your music on rockstar supernova. I bought your first cd as sooon as i found out you had one and i love it. This album just goes to show your getting better and better all the time. i love the way you make a person really feel the music when you sing, its not just a bunch of words. Its as though your living the song as you sing it. I hope you have man many more albums to come after this one. Thanks for filling the world with beautiful music.
always bobbbi-jo

Toffsen's picture

Saw you first on Rockstar and you moved my heart damn what a feeling in the songs your singing.
Its only one artist that have made such a impression on me and that is Fish from Marillion he's one of the worlds greatest Poets/Singers in the world and you're feeling is almost the same but in another brand of music.
I wish you the best Ryan and I know you gonna be one of the biggest.
Greetings from Sweden.

Best regards

juliaela's picture

First saw you on Rockstar. Started thinking about your performance of Losing My Religion today. Looked you up on you tube and saw your original performances. On my way to purchasing the album. The Dark Horse certainly showed Supernova.

Auntie Lyn's picture

found my way here tonight... listened first to Breathe on youtube, and wanted to know more. I remember you from Rockstar... good to hear you once again. I might be one of your older fans, but rest tonight knowing you have won over this 60 yo Auntie. Keep up the good work, I'm on my way to buy the album 11:59 (wish I had found it before my last birthday :0) )

jilalli's picture

Ryan you're awesome! I discovered you via your song "brand new day" in "Lie to me" series' entry. It gave me hell to find you and get your songs. Listening to them I wasn't disappointed at all!!

Warm greetings from Sahara, Algeria.

ksginger's picture

Ryan is an Amazing Talent....His Live performance is En-trance-ing....

brianaboo's picture

Ryan is so talented and a heart felt person and absolutely gorgeous. We need to hear more of his music on the radio.